Adventure Activities in Dubai

Holidaying in Dubai is always related with grand scale shopping, family visits to the city’s stunning cluster of manmade marvels and its contrasting quarters of ancient Dubai or to spend some refreshing time relaxing at some of the world’s most lavish retreats. But Dubai holds much more than the extravagant architectures and exquisite resorts. Determined to leave no stones unturned when it comes to alluring travellers of all age, Dubai has become Middle East’s most sought after destination for adventure sports with a series of thrilling and innovative activities laid out for the young and dare-spirited souls to give them an adventurous holiday of their life. Here are some of the activities which should be on your bucket list when you are on your adventure trip to Dubai.

1. Drive a race car at Dubai Autodrome

If you ever wished how exciting it would be to drive a race car, make it come true at the Dubai Autodrome. Get behind the wheel of a racing car and show off your driving skills on a real race car circuit that too in a choice of quality branded race cars. The Dubai Autodrome is a motor sport complex having state of the art driving circuits where you can test drive world class cars right from an Audi or Mclaren to a single seater race car. It’s an ideal place to experience a thrilling ride as well as witness some of the world’s best sports events.

2. Swim with the sharks at Aquaventure Water Park

How would you like to go for a swim with one of the dangerous predators in oceanic life? If this sounds exciting to you, gear up for an adventure that gets you up close to sharks. Head to Aquaventure water park at The Atlantis the Palm, where you get to come face to face with several sharks at the Shark Safari adventure. It’s absolutely fine if you don’t know how to swim as the shark safari is designed in such a way that you can effortlessly breathe and walk underwater while exploring these marine marvels. At the Lost Chambers, you have further options to push your limits and go scuba diving and if you don’t know how to, you can even sign up for certified diving course.

3. Experience the thrill of Skydiving.

Celebrate your triumph on fear when you embrace it with a sky diving experience plus you get an awesome view of the city from the bird’s eye view. Hurl yourself out of a plane and plunge down into a freefall towards the ground before you open your parachute and take in a spectacular aerial view of Dubai. The best option for first timers is the tandem skydive which requires no previous experience and an expert guide will always be with you throughout your jump.