Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets

Air travel has become more of a necessity for most of us rather than a luxury. It helps to save on a lot of time, and arguably, is not as stressful as some other ways to travel. What can be quite a heartache though, is the feeling of being ripped off at times by the airlines, or the travel website. But hope still survives!

There is no mojo that can help you get the cheapest deals (although it would be fun to see someone dancing to the tunes of I believe I can fly, trying to appease the Airline Gods!). What would make for a delightful flight (without losing a hand and a leg to buy the tickets!) is planning ahead, and considering a few very simple things.

In this article, we give you some pointers that should help you buy tickets at the cheapest rate possible.

plane Day of the Week
If you can, look to fly sometime through the week. Tickets are believed to be the cheapest on Wednesdays, while traveling on Tuesdays and Saturdays too, won’t lighten your pocket by much. Ticket prices reach the ceiling on Fridays and Sundays.

plane Time of the Day
Ticket rates fluctuate up to three times a day. The cheapest times to fly are usually early in the morning, at or just after lunchtime, and during dinner time. If you are looking for even cheaper flights, you might want to carry your coffee mug and deal with bloodshot eyes, ‘cos the cheapest flights fly late at night!

plane Location
You need to consider if the place you are visiting is a popular tourist destination, or if a lot of people tend to travel there. If it is a busy place, the rates are likely to skyrocket if you choose to book within 3 months of the planned date.

plane Density of Flights
If there are a lot of carriers flying in and out of the place you intend to travel to, you have a lot more options at your disposal. You could probably land yourself a good deal if you opt in for a smaller carrier. Also, contrary to popular belief, connecting flights aren’t necessarily cheaper than non-stop flights, especially over shorter distances.

plane Time of the Year
Look around to find out the peak season in the area. This is usually around the local festive season or around the time when the weather is most pleasant there. The peak season also depends on the sites, and popular destinations in and around the place you visit. If, for instance, the place you visit has a very famous waterfall, the peak time ideally would be during the rains. Most people tend to think that going right in at this time would be just perfect to enjoy the beauty of the place. Seasoned travelers would know that the time immediately before and after this peak season is just as good, and at times even better.